Monday, December 17, 2012

10 Reasons to do this 3-Day Cleanse

            I am going to do a 3-day cleanse December 28-30 to mark the end of the year and am inviting anyone who is interested to join me. (For the genesis of this idea and specific details, see the previous blog entry, “Why a 3-Day Cleanse?”)

Following are ten reasons why this is a good idea:

1.     Most of us eat lots of sweets, pastries, and other rich foods, not to mention extra portions, over the holidays. Doing a 3-day cleanse before the new year allows your body to process this indulgence, purify itself, and return you to a healthier equilibrium.

2.     Many people make a resolution to lose weight, eat better, or somehow live healthier in the new year. This cleanse gives you a turbo-charged running start to that worthwhile vow.

3.     As your body cleanses and releases toxins, you will (probably) experience a drop in energy. What a great time to rest, relax and let your mind release toxins as well. Plan to set a slower pace, do less, and revel in the forced slowdown.

4.     Many people make resolutions for the new year which are usually vacated before the end of January. Use these three days to think of worthwhile goals for yourself in 2013. Goals are much more powerful than resolutions. Congress makes resolutions.

5.     You have been wanting to break the caffeine addiction. Start lessening intake on the day after Christmas, do the cleanse from Dec 28-30 and you’ll be there.

6.     You have been meaning to live a healthier life. This could be your tipping point to real and joyful breakthroughs in that area. Really.

7.     You’ll have an excuse to spend even more time on Facebook because you will “need” to check in on your fellow cleansers.

8.      I will be teaching a class at West Houston on Wednesday nights from January 2-February 27 called “Your Body Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul.” This class will be a biblical and practical discussion of how our physical and spiritual selves relate. We will look at how the human body is viewed in the Bible and talk about contemporary issues such as health, fitness, obesity and body image. The 3-day cleanse will be a perfect precursor to this class.

9.     If you are married or in a significant relationship, why not do the 3-day cleanse together? You will either bond or bomb; either way you will get some insights into your relationship.

10.                        What else are you going to do between December 28-30 that could be life-changing. Watch the Taco Bell Bowl Game?


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why a 3-Day Cleanse?
            I am going to do a 3-day cleanse December 28-30 to mark the end of the year and am inviting anyone who is interested to join me. The reasons for this bear some explanation.
            Recently I turned 50 and at the insistence of my wife scheduled a colonoscopy. This involves cleansing the day before the procedure by drinking only liquids and then in the evening imbibing a diabolical potion that flushes you out faster than water through a garden hose. I had heard all kinds of horror stories about this and to be sure it was not enjoyable; but the morning of the procedure I felt incredible! You know how your teeth feel after having a complete dental cleaning? My whole body felt like that. I felt ten years younger and at least a week smarter.
            So I began to think about doing this again on my own, and the end of the year seemed like a spiritually, emotionally and physically opportune time. Here’s what I’m doing:
            I searched “3-day cleanses” on Google and decided on one by Dr. Oz because it is relatively simple and (key element) free. You can print out the ingredients and guidelines on one page, which he helpfully makes available with one click of a button. Go to and search for “3-day detox cleanse.” You don’t have to buy anything from him that I can see. Isn’t that refreshing? He says that the 3-days of ingredients from a local grocery store cost about $48.
            Now Dr. Oz, whom I have heard of but do not know anything about, seems to have more products than General Mills and appears to have an Oprah-like following. I’m not endorsing him, his detox plan, his products, his politics, hobbies, education, hair color or any of his beliefs whatever they may be. But this just looks fairly simple and easy to follow.
            Why not a biblical fast?          It’s a good question. I’ve fasted often in the past. I’ve done 3-day water fasts, 5-day juice fasts, even a 40-day liquid (including soup and smoothies) fast. I have found them to be rigorous and (usually) worthwhile. But what I’m looking for in this instance is a kind of Sabbath, not a mountain climb. I love the idea of resting my body, mind, and spirit for the last three days of the year as a way of pausing to reflect on 2012 and anticipate 2013. In this detox the body’s organs are soothed and rested and the body is cleansed and purified. I just love that idea. I want to accompany this with some intentional resting, thinking, reflecting and praying time.
            Why December 28-30 and not December 29-31?     C’mon. Who wants to be doing a body detox cleanse on New Year’s Eve?
            What can I expect?        I don’t know, I’ve never done this before. Check Dr. Oz’s website. There’s lots of feedback from previous participants. And proceed with adult responsibility (i.e., no liability for me)
            Can I exercise during this?   I am going to exercise moderately; use your best judgment. But remember that the purpose is to REST your body.
            So there you have it, folks. I’d welcome anyone to join in so we can trade notes, encourage one another, and rejoice together in our gloriously cleansed selves. You don’t have to do Dr. Oz’s 3-day cleanse to join me; there’s dozens out there from which to choose. I even ordered a Kindle book ($2.99) by Carol Burnham called “Easy 3-Day Cleanse” but I liked Dr. Oz’s just a little better. Maybe I’ll try Burnham’s another time. Or you can try hers and tell me what you think. Email me at if you’d like to join in this short little spiritual and physical adventure.

Monday, December 10, 2012

I Wanna Live Like Arian Foster Runs

I want to live like Arian Foster runs: smooth, unhurried, powerful, effective. Foster came to the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent in 2009, was  released(!), then reclaimed, eventually got in a game, distinguished himself and has not looked back. He led the league in rushing in 2010 and has been one of the league’s top running backs since.

Foster marches to the beat of his own drummer; he’s cerebral, poetic, suave. He’s the un-jock. He majored in philosophy in college and became a vegan in 2012. A vegan in the NFL!

He is of African-American and Mexican-American heritage whose first name is an abbreviated form of Aquarian, which means “water bearer” or “holder of knowledge.” His teammates like and respect him, and they love how he has helped the team rise to the top echelon of the NFL.

But let’s talk about his running. Foster runs like poured syrup. What strikes you is how smooth he is. Nothing appears urgent except his instinct for the opening. Commentators marvel at his patience. He’ll take the handoff, sort of glide a few steps while waiting for the blockers to create a hole, then pour through it like water over a rock. He doesn’t burst through the hole as some backs do so effectively, all pent-up power; he glides through it. He never looks like he is trying hard but there’s a quiet urgency and focus to him. Why waste energy with a lot of froth and fury? Just get the most yards possible.

One time he went around the left side on a sweep near the goal line and at the two-yard line just stopped and walked in! A Texan was blocking a receiver in front of him and Foster knew if he kept running he would crash into them, so he just stopped and took two steps into the end zone while the Texan continued to push on his opponent. When Foster scores he simply hands the ball to the referee, bows quietly to the fans in the end zone (“to show respect”) and heads toward the sideline. As legendary Coach Bear Bryant used to say, “Son, when you make it to the end zone act like you’re been there before.” Foster has been there many times by now; no need to do an izzy squizzy prancy dance.

Smooth, unhurried, powerful, effective. I wanna live like Arian Foster runs.