Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Note from Matt

Dear Friends and Subscribers,

I have been writing a weekly bulletin essay since I began preaching full-time in 1992. That’s seventeen years and three different congregations. About six years ago I began calling this “The Way I See It” and sending it out via email to subscribers, while archiving the essays at

My deepest thanks to those of you who have subscribed and to the numerous people who have replied with comments, feedback and affirmation.

I am going to step back for a while from writing the weekly essay in order to focus more intently on other ministry areas. On the occasions when I write an essay, and if I resume writing them regularly, I will send them out to you and post them to the blog archive.

This decision is not related to the economy, healthcare, terrorism, war, the national debt, or my heartbreak that the Texans missed the playoffs. I simply want to let the weekly writing ground lie fallow for a while so the soil can replenish.

Thank you again for your interest in my writing over the years!

Warm regards,
Matt Soper